‘Compose’ – start or continue generating from the current seed.

‘Play’ – play the current sequence.

‘Stop’ – stop generating music or stop playback.

in the style of

Tokens to Generate


‘Tokens’ are musical events in number form, and generation starts at 100 or so due to the seed having starting tokens.

Due to the random nature of generation, not all samples are created equal. If it doesn’t sound good, try again!

Download format is MIDI, and I recommend SolMiRe if you’d like MP3. For sheet music, there’s many MIDI to sheet music converters online!

‘Enable Hardware Acceleration’ should be on in your browser settings, and please keep the tab in the foreground.

Additionally, composing with the AI model requires 1-2 GB of memory, so mobile performance might be sketchy.

Source code:

Please send suggestions or feature requests to!

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